My Consultation with Dr. Sharma was so informative! She showed me aspects of skincare for rashes from many different ways, both to improve my appearance and to feel better. She helped me with my condition and gave me excellent suggestions which simply helped feel better immediately. I'm sure everyone would benefit from her knowledge and expertise.


Highly recommend this place. Dr Sharma took the time to listen to my concerns and discussed various treatment options with me, some that I was not even aware of. Even my dermatologist didn't suggest some of these options. I left my appointment with a plan of action and can't wait to get started with my treatments!


I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Daykin and will be returning for a repeat appointment. I was a little nervous but she immediately reassured me with her clear explanations and gentle touch. I had a microneedling facial which was not at all painful and I am amazed at how soft, smooth and firm my skin is!


I was most impressed with my consultation today. It was very comprehensive but delivered in a friendly way. Would thoroughly recommend this place. Divya is extremely detailed and touched on all my concerns. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and shared great ideas. Thank you Divya!


I had a consultation with Dr. Sharma about some skin concerns and slowing down signs of aging. I was very impressed with her level of knowledge and professionalism and she was able to answer all my questions and more. She made the whole experience very enjoyable and most importantly, I felt very comfortable and confident that any treatments I would do, it would be done in very experienced hands.
I would highly recommend The Cosmetic Specialists.


My consultation experiences with Dr. Sharma was extremely easy on the ear. What I mean is she broke it down to my level so I would have a better understanding and did not find it confusing especially in medical field. She is knowledgeable, kind and felt very comfortable. I have learned quite a lot from her and would put my trust in her!

I had a consultation with Dr. Sharma to discuss my sun spots and how to prevent wrinkles from aging. Dr. Sharma listened to my concerns and provided valuable insight on how to treat my existing sun spots as well as prevent them from coming back. She was very knowledgeable with the treatments that are available and is up to date on the latest research that has been done. She took her time to thoroughly present to me the different options available for my treatment. After meeting with Dr. Sharma, I feel very well informed so that I can decide for myself which is the best course of action.


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