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The Cosmetic Specialist Male

Anti wrinkle Injections

More men than ever are having cosmetic procedures, and since 2000 the number of men choosing to have botulinum toxin has increased by 200%!

Unfortunately many clinics will charge up to an extra 20% due to men's facial muscles being bulkier. However at the Cosmetic Specialists, we think this is unfair so we do not charge any additional fee. 

Hair Rejuvenation

The Million Dollar Rejuvenate treatment is perfect for men or women who have thinning hair, hair loss or bald patches. This is a great alternative to a surgical procedure with minimal downtime. 

We utilise a Micro Needling device to stimulate hair follicles causing them to regenerate, whilst a tailored serum is applied to promote healthy hair regrowth.


For best results a course of approximately 6-12 treatments is recommended at one weekly intervals.